What is a “thick description”?

A “thick description” is used in the prownian analysis as a way to gather information from your primary source- your object. You must document your object in as objective language as possible, paying close attention to every detail no matter how small. The key to writing a ‘thick description’ is to avoid conclusions- try to focus on the details. This will not only lengthen your description but it will create more objective writing.


For this example, I was given 5 minutes to write a practice thick description of the following picture:

“Look at The ‘Rate Schedule’ Sign, Last Line,” by Tom Driggers


There is a woman on the left side of the frame. Her eyebrows are raised, her eyes are open, and she is focused on something right of the viewer. She wears a dark T-shirt and her hair is in a bun. Her hair is blond with dark brown roots. She is standing near a metal shelf that supports ten differently designed coffee mugs and a sort of jar with a wide mouth and a large cork to fit the mouth. There are stickers on the rim of the shelf that advertise payment options like “visa.” Below the right corner of the shelf is a small sign hanging from a single nail that reads “good coffee” to the right of a 2D depiction of a steaming cup of coffee….”


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